7 All-Natural Ways to Keep Insects Out of Your Home


Bugs in the home can be an irritating and potentially harmful problem, and seeing one may tempt you to reach for the pesticide. Luckily, there are a number of all-natural alternatives to toxic chemicals and baits, letting you banish bugs in a safer and more humane way. Below are some of the best tips and techniques for keeping insects out of your home – the natural way.

  1. Keep the Kitchen Clean
    A messy kitchen is the number one way to attract unwanted insects into your home. Roaches and ants are especially common invaders, so take the extra time to keep your kitchen in order by disinfecting countertops, putting up leftovers, and double-bagging sugars or sweeteners. Take out the trash whenever it gets full so that scouting pests have less time to alert the others.
  2. Trim Plants Around the Home
    Many species of ants, beetles, and mites make plants their home, and it doesn’t take much to make them move indoors. If you have any plants in your balcony or shrubs near your house, make sure to keep them neatly trimmed so that they don’t become an easy entryway into your home. You can create an additional barrier by laying down sand or gravel around the home’s foundation, which makes it harder for annoying insects to get a foothold.
  3. Keep an Eye on Pets
    A flea infestation can be annoying and expensive to treat, so the best course of action is to take preventative measures by keeping an eye on pets, whether they are yours or a visitor’s. There are pet shampoos made with citrus or cedar essential oils, which naturally deter fleas. Adding a pinch of brewer’s yeast or apple cider vinegar to your pet’s food can also help fend off fleas without the need for harsh, irritating chemicals.
  4. Consider Natural Repellants
    There are a number of all-natural alternatives to pesticides and poisonous baits which work just as well. Herbs such as mint, tansy, rosemary, and lavender all contain aromatic oils that repel most insects without any need to spray toxic chemicals. Plant some of them around your house, or simply leave dried herbs on top of cabinets to keep pests away.
  5. Diffuse Essential Oils
    If you don’t have green fingers to keep some potted herb plants around, consider diffusing Thyme, Peppermint, Citronella or Rosemary essential oil to keep some of these unwanted pests away.  Be sure to use pure unadulterated essential oils.
  6. Seal Up the Cracks
    Most houses have a number of cracks of spaces that insects can use to get inside. Luckily, sealing them up is usually quick and inexpensive. You can add weather stripping to doors, redo the caulking around windows, and add mesh window screens to make it harder for pests to find their way in. If you have any holes in the roof, walls, floor, or molding, make it a priority to get them repaired.
  7. Encourage Natural Predators
    One of the simplest and most eco-friendly ways to get rid of bugs is to encourage more natural predators to move in. Many common species of birds feed on insects. Installing a birdhouse or leaving out birdseed can encourage them to stick around and clear up unwanted pests, and the opportunity for a bit of birdwatching is just an added bonus.

Nobody wants to find insects in their house, but that doesn’t mean that you need to use chemicals to deal with them. Instead, use the all-natural tips and strategies listed above for a safer, more environmentally friendly way to keep annoying pests away from your home.


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