About The Mint & Eve Blog

This is a blog on natural home and remedies, health and wellness, and aromatherapy.

We’ve created this blog to help everyone understand more about essential oils and aromatherapy.  We hope that by doing so, more people will learn to appreciate essential oils not just for its scent, but for its numerous therapeutic benefits.   Besides that, we also hope to share content and resources on how you can create a natural home free from chemicals and harmful toxins.

This is a blog still in its beta stage.  We put this together in December 2015, and we’re still concocting some magical scent to make it better.  Do bear with us while some site improvements are on-going.  New articles will be posted on a weekly or bi-weekly basis, depending on our internal resources (afterall, we’re not full time writers, but we’ll make time to share whenever we can).

If you have any feedback on our blog or wish to contribute as a guest editor, please feel free to leave us a note at care@mintandeve.com.