Travel Tips – Staying Refreshed on the Plane


Planning to go for your overseas vacation? Whether it is a short or long-haul flight you’ll be on, being on the plane can make you feel tired and dehydrated.  How do you beat that and reach your travel destination feeling refreshed?  Here are some fuss-free tips to get you all set for the coming trip.

  1. Drink Water
    We all know that getting on that plane and up in the air gets you dehydrated.  Getting the appropriate hydration is important.  Drink lots of water and don’t be afraid to ask for more from the flight attendants.  If you are shy about your frequent requests, get an empty disposable water bottle with you when you board.  Have the bottle filled up with water so that you may drink whenever you want.
  1. Get Aisle Seat
    Afraid to go to the loo with too much water in-take?  Choose an aisle seat and make it convenient for you to go as often as you need, without inconveniencing others.  What can be worse than depriving your body of the necessary water it needs?
  1. Bring Facial Mist
    With all that partially clean but recirculated air in the cabin, our skin can get really dry. If you must travel with make-up on, the truth is that the prolonged flight adds additional stress to you skin.  Misting your face every hour or so will help your skin to stay hydrated and refreshed.   With strict flying rules on what you can bring on board these days, be sure to bring one with the capacity that is allowed on your flight.  If you are unsure, always check with your flight company.
  2. Use Roll-on Essential Oil
    We all know that essential oil can be extremely therapeutic.  While you are unable to diffuse essential oil in a confined space like a plane, there are many alternatives you can use to enjoy essential oil in-flight.  One way is to use a roll-on essential oil that is often diluted in a moisturizing oil such as jojoba.  Choose a roll-on infused with relaxing oils such as Lavender.  If you are prone to travel sickness, consider using one infused with Peppermint.  Simply roll the oil onto your neck or wrist, and enjoy the soothing scent at the same time.
  1. Apply Hand Cream
    Don’t neglect other parts of your body.  Our hands are constantly exposed and that can leave them feeling dry and cracked, especially in a compressed cabin space.  A small tube of hand cream on board can soothe your skin and replenish the moisture it needs.  If you have time, massage the cream into your fingers and palms to get a brief moment of spa-like indulgence.

Get these simple tips in place, and you are all set to ensure that you stay refreshed in your next flight.


About Author

Evelyn is the co-founder of Mint & Eve - an online boutique store for aromatherapy and essential oils. She was introduced to essential oils while looking for natural remedies to fight mental fatigue during late nights at the digital agency she worked in. Since benefiting from it, she has been actively using essential oils to promote her physical and mental well-being. She currently handles the business development and marketing of the business, and writes on the blog.